7 Key Earnings Reports This Week

On Friday’s Mad Money program, host Jim Cramer highlighted 7 key earnings reports this week that investors should pay attention to.



IBM [[IBM]] reports their second quarter earnings results after the market closes on Monday. Cramer advised investors to pay attention to any indications from the company regarding stock buybacks and dividend raises. He would also really pay attention to any commentary on how their consulting business is doing. Last week Accenture [[ACN]] seemed very positive on their consulting business and they compete head-to-head with IBM.



Cramer believes that Pepsi [[PEP]] will report an in-line quarter. Investors should pay attention to Pepsi’s earnings, because the stock is an indication of consumer confidence.


United Technologies

Investors should get a view of how international operations are going when United Technologies [[UTX]] reports on Wednesday. 50% of UTX’s business is international.



Cramer believes that Caterpillar [[CAT]] will provide investors with the most complete breakdown of how the global economies are performing.


AT&T and Verizon

AT&T [[T]] and Verizon [[VZ]] are both reporting later in the week and Cramer is interested to see if there is any indication that either of these telecoms is gaining the edge on their top competitor.



On Friday, investors will get their first look at the state of the oil industry when Schlumberger [[SLB]] reports their quarterly earnings.

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